Maddy Smith – IPA and CIPS – Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together – Nov 2021

Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together. A checklist article by Maddy Smith at PXPIQ.COM.

The Power of No – Client Behaviour – Nov 10th 2021

However, market growth on this scale comes with its issues. As Tina Fegent, the experienced marketing procurement consultant, explains, in terms of new business opportunities it’s firmly a “seller’s market” at the moment, “with so much activity out there and limited capacity at agencies". Some agencies, under pressure to deliver against ambitious business development targets...

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The Catalysts Podcast – June 7th 2021

Catalysts Podcast - The crucial and sometimes misunderstood role of Procurement - June 7th 2021 - Today's focus area is the 'Role of Procurement' and the pivotal role that it can play in ensuring that the partnership between a start-up and corporate works to its full potential.

Difficult or just different? How agencies can work with Procurement – May 5th 2021

Difficult or just different? How agencies can work with Procurement - May 5th 2021 - In this valuable chat, I talked candidly about procurement, their role, their motivations and how agencies need to learn how to ‘play the game’ when it comes to procurement and getting positive outcomes.

IPA and CIPS produce top tips for better working relationships – Sept 16th 2020

Why you need a relationship with marketing procurement. In this episode, Tina Fegent, marketing procurement consultant with almost 30 years experience shares tips for what procurement want from agencies and specifically agency account management...

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