The Whole Marketer Podcast – Series 2 – Episode 31 – Apr 20th 2021

Podcast on Labyrinth Marketing

“This episode is both a technical and a soft skill as we discuss procurement and agency management, in order to develop great partnerships with your agencies. Think procurement is just about haggling prices…? Think again! Abby’s guest to discuss all the benefits of involving procurement early on and to support your ways of working with agencies is Tina Fegent – procurement expert with over 25 years experience in procurement, both client-side and agency-side, and who now has her own consultancy with clients including Amazon, PepsiCo, and SSE. Tina discusses the role of great procurement to support you strategically, what to think about with your remuneration model, and tips for client-side marketers to develop a great relationship with your agency.”

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