Overcoming the fallacy of ethical media buying – Apr 23rd 2021

A quote in an article by Seb Joseph on digiday.com

“Turns out, some advertisers will walk their talk on behaving ethically — to a point.

Sure, we’ve been here before, but CEOs have short memories and people are wising up to that apathy; something had to give. Now, companies are being asked, pressured, forced, encouraged, and regulated to take a stand — or at least not stand back — on everything from data privacy to voting rights, diversity to sustainability. Nowhere is this sort of corporate do-goodery more on show currently than in advertising…”

“Internal media expertise is a crucial but understated factor. If an advertiser doesn’t have marketers who truly understand how corporate decisions affect media strategies then it makes it hard for those businesses to make the right calls.”

“There’s a lot of work to be done here,” said Tina Fegent, a marketing procurement consultant. “You need that internal expertise to be able to say to procurement teams ‘this is what matters,’ like asking certain questions about the data collection process of a vendor.”

No more excuses