Pimento BD Club: Understanding the Changing Marketing Landscape – Sept 2023

For a recent Pimento BD Club event, Tina together with Adrian Mooney, Consultant Marketing Director at Hovis, delved into the world of a CMO and Procurement, exploring the challenges, opportunities and focus over the coming 12 to 24 months....

2023-09-24T07:45:40+00:00September 13, 2023|Future Direction, Procurement, Strategy & Management|

Gunpowder Consulting Podcast – EP76 A Buyer Perspective – May 2023

EP76: In this episode, we discuss the shifts in how clients buy, and how agencies sell, what we can do to maximise our client relationships, why positioning matters more than ever, managing a personal brand and how to get your portrait taken by Rankin!...

2023-07-17T15:30:51+00:00May 9, 2023|Podcast, Procurement, Strategy & Management|

MediaSnack Podcast – The Evolving Role of Procurement – Mar 2023

For this episode of #MediaSnack LIVE, we joined with the industry's leading marketers and procurement experts on LinkedIn Audio to unpack the role of procurement and its blossoming partnership with astute marketing leaders...

2023-07-17T15:30:54+00:00March 20, 2023|Podcast, Procurement|

Maddy Smith – IPA and CIPS – Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together – Nov 2021

Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together. A checklist article by Maddy Smith at PXPIQ.COM.

The Power of No – Client Behaviour – Nov 10th 2021

However, market growth on this scale comes with its issues. As Tina Fegent, the experienced marketing procurement consultant, explains, in terms of new business opportunities it’s firmly a “seller’s market” at the moment, “with so much activity out there and limited capacity at agencies". Some agencies, under pressure to deliver against ambitious business development targets...

2023-07-17T15:31:03+00:00November 10, 2021|Business Ethics, Procurement, Working Relationships|

Tina Fegent: a marketing procurement Evangelist – Oct 2021

Tina Fegent: a marketing procurement Evangelist - Oct 2021 - Women of Influence Series - Marketing Procurement expert Tina Fegent, discusses the rise, and continued rise, of this complex category and how she has built the Tina brand...

2023-07-17T15:31:04+00:00October 23, 2021|About Tina Fegent, Procurement|

Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders Podcast – Sept 2021

Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders: Influencer Marketing for Procurement has exploded as a media channel.  With brands taking advantage of this relatively new media space, there are many factors that we need to consider. Shedding light on the current market base, what the challenges are and how we can overcome them with practical advice.

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