Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders Podcast – Sept 2021

Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders: Influencer Marketing for Procurement has exploded as a media channel.  With brands taking advantage of this relatively new media space, there are many factors that we need to consider. Shedding light on the current market base, what the challenges are and how we can overcome them with practical advice.

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Inside Conversations with Tina Fegent – July 2021

Insideout Awards - Inside Conversations with Tina Fegent: Part of a new series of 1-2-1 inside conversations with experts in the industry and trailblazing in-house creative leaders. Emma Sexton chats with Tina Fegent, a leading consultant in marketing and procurement.

2021-10-04T04:46:20-04:00October 4th, 2021|Podcast, Procurement|

CASME Podcast: Episode 4 – Sept 10th 2021

CASME Podcast - Episode 4: During this episode, Tina talks with Graham Crawshaw about how Procurement provides vital support to the marketing function and the growth of digitalisation. They also discuss different agency models, the increasing importance of ethics and trust, and how Procurement’s value can be lost if the pitching process is not fully understood.

The Catalysts Podcast – June 7th 2021

Catalysts Podcast - The crucial and sometimes misunderstood role of Procurement - June 7th 2021 - Today's focus area is the 'Role of Procurement' and the pivotal role that it can play in ensuring that the partnership between a start-up and corporate works to its full potential.

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Tina Fegent – May 10th 2021

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Tina Fegent - 10th May 2021 - "Here, in Planet Driven Brands Podcast Tina Fegent, she shares her clear passion with us. I think you’ll love it and I certainly enjoyed the chat."

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Overcoming the fallacy of ethical media buying – Apr 23rd 2021

Quote - Overcoming the fallacy of ethical media buying - Apr 23rd 2021 - "There’s a lot of work to be done here,” said Tina Fegent, a marketing procurement consultant. “You need that internal expertise to be able to say to procurement teams ‘this is what matters,’ like asking certain questions about the data collection process of a vendor."

2021-04-24T11:50:58-04:00April 23rd, 2021|Business Affairs, Business Ethics, Procurement|

The Focus on EQ in Marketing Procurement – Apr 13th 2021

Podcast - The Focus on EQ in Marketing Procurement - Apr 13th 2021 - If there’s one category within procurement that we haven’t yet really dived into on Talent Talks, it’s likely to be marketing procurement. It’s proven to be an area with some unique and interesting challenges, particularly recruiting and training in the sector.

The Acceleration of Procuretech – Mar 9th 2021

Podcast - The Acceleration of Procuretech - Mar 9th 2021 - In this episode, host Sarah Shilling CMO, UNLIMITED is in conversation with leading Procurement Consultant Tina Fegent. With tech accelerating procurement, the importance of education and communication on the topic is increasingly important for brands and agencies alike.

2021-03-12T05:27:34-05:00March 9th, 2021|Podcast, Procurement, Procurement Technology|
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