Pimento BD Club: Understanding the Changing Marketing Landscape
Sept 2023

For a recent Pimento BD Club event, Tina together with Adrian Mooney, Consultant Marketing Director at Hovis, delved into the world of a CMO and Procurement, exploring the challenges, opportunities and focus over the coming 12 to 24 months.”

For those of you who were unable to attend, you can watch the full webinar on our YouTube Channel.

Also available below…

Intro: (00:00)
The biggest challenges facing clients at the moment: (04:26)
How marketing agencies can stay ahead of the curve: (10:05)
Working effectively with procurement to get the best deals for clients: (17:32)
How clients go about finding the right agency partners: (21:11)
What puts clients off an agency?: (29:18)
Biggest opportunities for marketing agencies over the next 12-24 months: (36:41)
Q&A Ringfencing Budgets: (42:24)
Q&A Are clients actively diversifying their client roster?: (44:03)
Q&A Creativity vs Data and Strategy in Pitching (46:23)
Q&A How do small agencies get on procurement lists for future RFPs?: (50:20)
Outro: (53:26)