Pimento BD Club: Understanding the Changing Marketing Landscape – Sept 2023

For a recent Pimento BD Club event, Tina together with Adrian Mooney, Consultant Marketing Director at Hovis, delved into the world of a CMO and Procurement, exploring the challenges, opportunities and focus over the coming 12 to 24 months....

2023-09-24T07:45:40+00:00September 13, 2023|Future Direction, Procurement, Strategy & Management|

Gunpowder Consulting Podcast – EP76 A Buyer Perspective – May 2023

EP76: In this episode, we discuss the shifts in how clients buy, and how agencies sell, what we can do to maximise our client relationships, why positioning matters more than ever, managing a personal brand and how to get your portrait taken by Rankin!...

2023-07-17T15:30:51+00:00May 9, 2023|Podcast, Procurement, Strategy & Management|

Maddy Smith – IPA and CIPS – Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together – Nov 2021

Agencies, Marketing, Procurement working better together. A checklist article by Maddy Smith at PXPIQ.COM.

The Catalysts Podcast – June 7th 2021

Catalysts Podcast - The crucial and sometimes misunderstood role of Procurement - June 7th 2021 - Today's focus area is the 'Role of Procurement' and the pivotal role that it can play in ensuring that the partnership between a start-up and corporate works to its full potential.

The Focus on EQ in Marketing Procurement – Apr 13th 2021

Podcast - The Focus on EQ in Marketing Procurement - Apr 13th 2021 - If there’s one category within procurement that we haven’t yet really dived into on Talent Talks, it’s likely to be marketing procurement. It’s proven to be an area with some unique and interesting challenges, particularly recruiting and training in the sector.

Tina interviews Mark Read, CEO of WPP as part of ProcureCon Marketing – Sept 30th 2020

Tina interviews Mark Read, CEO of WPP as part of ProcureCon Marketing. – Sept 30th 2020 - They cover the impact of Covid on the agency world, how WPP has responded to their clients to Mark’s view on payments terms and agency rosters. View the interview ...

2023-07-17T15:31:49+00:00October 1, 2020|Agency Rosters, Covid, Payments, Strategy & Management|

Togetherness, terms & transparency: the post-COVID reality – July 2020

According to a recent survey with over 650 global financial leaders by Coupa Software that was published this week in Supply Management, more than two-thirds (70%) of companies plan to contain costs by making broad or department-focused cuts over the next 12 months. The majority of respondents (87%) believed a recession is likely, and more than half (53%) expect it to last six months or longer ...

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