PODCAST: with the MCA Prodcast – Mar 2023

“This week on The MCA Prodcast Pat Murphy talks to Global Marketing Procurement Consultant Tina Fegent. Tina was one of the first to work in Marketing Procurement over 25 years ago, and has worked with many brands and organisations at a strategic level to help identify what is required to make marketing procurement a success. Tina is also Chair of the CIPS Marketing Group and Co-Chair of the Get Sh*t Done Board for the Conscious Advertising Network

Tina considers why there can be a lack of trust between clients and procurement teams, and how organisations can work to develop greater levels of trust between stakeholders.

Tina also reveals the skills you need to master and qualities that you need to possess in order to be successful in procurement. Tina thinks it’s imperative to fully understanding the craft that you’re buying; which may seem simple but is often overlooked. Also, what sectors and routes of entry might lead to a successful career in procurement?

Pat and Tina discuss the role of data in creativity. How can data measure success and inform decisions?  Tina also explains the idea behind CAN – the Concious Advertising Network which offers support to businesses in being ethical with their marketing.”

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