PODCAST: Hiring Agencies with Tina Fegent – Feb 2023

“Hiring agencies is a critical task in most marketing roles. In the modern world of marketing, there are so many expert disciplines that it’s tough, if not impossible, to do everything in-house. That’s where the agency world comes in.

Need an expert to increase your web traffic? Think search marketing. Want someone to design an impactful brand campaign? Look for an ad agency. And so on and so on. But how do you find the right agency? What is the process for getting from a marketing challenge to an agency solution? That’s where procurement maestro Tina Fegent comes in. Tina is a true expert in hiring agencies, with years of experience in client, agency and consultancy roles. What Tina doesn’t know about procuring agency services simply isn’t worth knowing. Good job that she agreed to come on the podcast to share some of that expertise, isn’t it?

Listen in if you want to learn the ideal process for identifying and hiring agencies and the common pitfalls to avoid. Wondering whether to include your incumbent in the process? Or whether to reveal your budget? The answers are within.”

For those of you who were unable to attend, you can listen to the full podcast on agencysquared.co.uk

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