CASME Podcast: Episode 4 – Sept 10th 2021

CASME Podcast - Episode 4: During this episode, Tina talks with Graham Crawshaw about how Procurement provides vital support to the marketing function and the growth of digitalisation. They also discuss different agency models, the increasing importance of ethics and trust, and how Procurement’s value can be lost if the pitching process is not fully understood.

The Acceleration of Procuretech – Mar 9th 2021

Podcast - The Acceleration of Procuretech - Mar 9th 2021 - In this episode, host Sarah Shilling CMO, UNLIMITED is in conversation with leading Procurement Consultant Tina Fegent. With tech accelerating procurement, the importance of education and communication on the topic is increasingly important for brands and agencies alike.

2023-07-17T15:31:19+00:00March 9, 2021|Podcast, Procurement, Procurement Technology|
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