The Acceleration of Procuretech – Mar 9th 2021

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“Industry leaders in marketing, digital, and innovation share their tales of the unexpected and the new truths they have learned. As the unthinkable has happened to the world we knew, marketers have had to re-wire the way we approach customers, unravel the norm, and completely reset business and brand performance models. We explore brand experiences in course correction, science versus intuition, and re-writing the rules to survive and thrive in our new consumer landscape.”

In this episode, host Sarah Shilling CMO, UNLIMITED is in conversation with leading Procurement Consultant Tina Fegent. With tech accelerating procurement, the importance of education and communication on the topic is increasingly important for brands and agencies alike.

With the commercial back-drop being pushed to the forefront of strategic decisions, Procurement now has a seat at the top table. They discuss the evolving role, tips for agencies, and the rise of the latest craze that is Clubhouse.

The Unthinkable Marketing series helps CMOs and Comms Leaders to get deeper human understanding, to know consumers better than they know themselves right now – to think the unthinkable, course correct, and drive new success for their brand…

Listen to the podcast below, or visit The Acceleration of Procurement here.