The Power of Procurment – Feb 2nd 2021

Have your company’s ethics caught up with the technology of marketing? This bitesize webinar will give you an overview of the Conscious Advertising Network and why your company should sign up and become a member.

During this session, you will gain an understanding of CAN and the real benefits of membership and hear from brands who have signed up to their manifestos

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) is a voluntary coalition of over 70 organisations set up to ensure that industry ethics catches up with the technology of modern advertising.

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Tina Fegent, CAN Director of Recruitment
Jake Dubbins, Co-Chair Conscious Advertising Network (CAN)
Jerry Daykin, CAN Director of Capabilities & Learning
Kristian Lorenzon, Digital Lead Brand & Marcomms, Head of Social Media & Culture at O2 (Telefonica UK)
Iman Abou Atta, Director Tell MAMA

Listen to the Podcast here.