PR Show Podcast: Consultants and procurement have their say on pitching – August 1st 2020

New business consultants believe there is often an imbalance in the amount of effort agencies put into pitching for the size of the prize in what is a buyer’s market. The process is also “shrouded in too much theatre”

Arvind Hickman, Tina Fegent, Charlie Carpenter and Tony Spong

AAR managing partner Tony Spong told PRWeek’s podcast, The PR Show, that the imbalance is due to a lot more agencies than briefs, “which creates a certain behaviour in the ant hill”.

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“People will find a way to win and it’s damn competitive out there. People will poke people in the eye and kick people in the shins to win. It’s a luxury clients have at the moment and some of them will exploit that.”

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