Creative Agency Account Manager Podcast – Aug 24th 2020

Why you need a relationship with marketing procurement

In this episode, Tina Fegent, marketing procurement consultant with almost 30 years experience shares tips for what procurement want from agencies and specifically agency account management.

Tina has worked both client side for companies such as Orange and agency side in the role of Commercial Director so really understands what works and doesn’t work when it comes to creating and developing relationships with the procurement team.

In this episode Tina shares;

  • The most common complaint she hears from clients about agency account management
  • What great account management looks like for her
  • Why developing relationships with procurement is good for agency business
  • Ideas you can try right now for how to engage with procurement
  • What to avoid when pitching
  • What management consultancies are doing really well that agencies should be doing more of …

… and lots more!

So grab a pen and get ready to take some notes because she shares some golden nuggets of wisdom for you.

Listen to the podcast here.