Wax Lyrical, with procurement specialist Tina Fegent – July 13th 2020

In their latest episode the Wax Lyrical team are talking to marketing procurement specialist Tina Fegent. Tina is well-known in the marketing community for helping brand owners find the right partners for a wide range of marketing services.

She explains why a pitch remains the best way to choose an agency, and why agencies shouldn’t be paid to pitch. She tells us how clients and agencies are adapting the pitch process to lockdown, including innovative ways to really get to know each other in place of the traditional “chemistry” process.

She discusses the pros and cons of in-housing, talks about the 20 different agency models she’s identified, and explains how brands have re-evaluated their procurement needs in lockdown, extending contracts and changing supplier relationships to help them meet their post COVID-19 evolving needs. And of course, she shares her favourite TV ad.

Listen to the podcast and others on Wax Lyrical here.