Tina Fegent: a marketing procurement Evangelist – Oct 2021

Tina Fegent: a marketing procurement Evangelist - Oct 2021 - Women of Influence Series - Marketing Procurement expert Tina Fegent, discusses the rise, and continued rise, of this complex category and how she has built the Tina brand...

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Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders Podcast – Sept 2021

Influencer Marketing for Procurement Leaders: Influencer Marketing for Procurement has exploded as a media channel.  With brands taking advantage of this relatively new media space, there are many factors that we need to consider. Shedding light on the current market base, what the challenges are and how we can overcome them with practical advice.

Inside Conversations with Tina Fegent – July 2021

Insideout Awards - Inside Conversations with Tina Fegent: Part of a new series of 1-2-1 inside conversations with experts in the industry and trailblazing in-house creative leaders. Emma Sexton chats with Tina Fegent, a leading consultant in marketing and procurement.

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